Zach Myers - Manager

Zach has lived all over the country, most recently coming from Prescott, Arizona.  He's worked and ridden extensively with Salsa's Kurt Refsnider and is really into bikepacking, enjoying the "solitude and quiet" of being out on a trip.  Zach is a self-proclaimed geology nerd and, in tandem with geologist Andrew, schools the rest of us in the ways of gneiss and pyroclastic flows when not helping customers with their bicycles!

Joey Ernst - Owner

Joey's been in the bicycle world for almost longer than he can remember.  He began as a shop kid 18 years ago and found himself, many years later, as an international race mechanic on the World Cup MTB circuit.  After traveling all the time got old, he settled down in Durango to open VC and go for long bike rides whenever possible.

Andrew Wracher - Owner

Andrew is the main driving force behind the Bedrock Bags brand. He loves spending time in the desert, bikepacking desolate canyons and discovering hidden oases. For reasons unknown, we can't get him out into the high country, and he has sworn off riding bikes with Joey.


Tae Hillyer - seamster

Tae hails from Maryland.  He's ex-military, a trained biologist, and has for some reason forsaken all this training to spend an inordinate amount of time behind one of our Juki 1541 sewing machines.  Lucky us, 'cause we like having him around.