Our Specialties

We specialize in areas that we're passionate about.  We go above and beyond because we're stoked about everything in the shop.  The product mix at Velorution Cycles is selected with an eye towards quality, durability, and intended usage for our customers.

Below you'll find a few categories that we really dial in at our shop - all based on our actual experiences.

Bikepacking & Touring

If your idea of a long bike ride is one that lasts multiple days, we've got you covered.  Located at the southwestern terminus of the Colorado Trail, path of the infamous CTR and one of the most bikepacked trails in the world, we stock bikes, bags, lights, and other good stuff that will keep you outside and away from civilization long after the sun goes down.  In odd-numbered years, the Colorado Trail Race starts right at our front door!

Singlespeed & Gravel

Sometimes one gear is all you need.  Ask anyone who's spent a lot of time on an SS, and they'll describe it in vaguely Zen-like terms.  Turns out that riding singlespeed is a great way to put the spice back in your rides, refocus your attention on the ride and away from the bike, and it will make you strong as an ox besides.  When you're ready to take the plunge, we'll be ready for you.

On the gravel grinding side of things, there's no shortage of amazing routes we ride all winter long.  Gravel can be Zen-like as well - just spin, get in the zone, and the miles flow by.  We stock bikes that can handle a healthy dose of gravel for when the pavement ends - and the fun begins.

Mountain Bikes

We love riding trails.  Beyond bikes used for everyday transport, our mountain bikes are the bikes we use most.  We have experience in everything from XC racing to multi-day self-supported trips; from snow rides in the Gulch to high-country biking adventures.  For these reasons we stock some really sweet mountain bikes  - exceptional dual-suspension models, wicked-fast hardtail or full-rigid bikes.

Service & Custom Builds

We love maintaining and repairing bikes, and we're good at it.  Our mechanics' service experiences range from MTB World Cup race support to low-income neighborhood bicycle co-ops.  We will work on just about anything - carbon race bikes, extremely rare collector's bikes, even department store bikes that many shops may scorn (although we aren't afraid to tell you when it just isn't worth it).  At only $60/hour, our labor rates are among the best in town.

We specialize in full custom builds.  What kind of dream bike do you have in mind?  We work with some of the best framebuilders in the industry and have extensive experience building to your specifications.  If you don't want to settle for stock, come talk to us.


Looking for a rental or mountain bike demo? We've got you covered. Norco and Salsa rentals are available in full-suspension and hardtail models. If brand-new bikes are more to your liking, no worries – we have those too!



Commuter & Utility

Whether your definition of "utility" means a full-on touring rig, a nimble around-town commuter, a dedicated cargo bike, a townie cruiser, or anywhere in between, we are committed to providing bikes that are supremely useful for more than just recreation.  Of course we carry a full line of fenders, lights, studded tires, and other essentials for those who consider their bike their primary mode of transportation.