What: Self-supported backcountry bikepacking race
When: Saturday, September 3, 2016, 7:00am (Labor Day weekend)
Where: Velorution Cycles headquarters, Durango
Registration: Required TBA.  Capped at 73 people.  Make sure your full name is on this waiver by Thursday 09.01!
Results:  See bottom of page.

The Venture is a backcountry, multi-day bikepacking race.  The first and only bikepacking race on the Colorado Endurance Series calendar, the Venture is similar to other CES events in that it's grassroots, free, non-commercial, unsupported, and will be awesome!  The Venture route takes in a wide swath of southwest Colorado's best scenery, trails, and dirt roads.  The route is approximately 220 miles long, with about 37,000 feet of climbing.  It features approximately 50% wonderful singletrack, 20% trail-like 4x4 roads, 20% gravel roads, 10% pavement, and a healthy dose of hike-a-bike!


We'll start at Velorution HQ, 1077 Main Avenue.  From here, we'll work our way north through some streets and town singletrack to the Hermosa area, taking trail to Purgatory and eventually the Colorado Trail.  Using a network of little-ridden trails and gravel/4x4 roads, we'll circumnavigate the Lizard Head Wilderness, then complete a full traverse of the Calico Trail in the Rico Mountains.  A long gravel climb will bring us back to Indian Trail Ridge, where we'll descend to the north, then down Corral Draw and down Hermosa Creek Trail.  Back to town for the finish!

You can download some basic shorthand cues here.  There are no mileages with these cues.  Use these with the above GPX file and a Latitude 40 SW Colorado map to navigate.


You can download a GPX file of the course hereNOTE: This GPX is not always precise - parts of the route have been hand-traced on maps, and the actual route, mileage, and elevation profile may vary somewhat.  The mileage WILL be low on the GPX.  Between the GPX file, the cues below, and a Latitude 40 SW Colorado map, you should be able to navigate this course.

Like many other bikepacking races - the CTR, AZTR, and TD among them - the Venture is completely self-supported.  You will need to be familiar with bikepacking, camping, and navigation.  As with other events of this type, you may purchase food and other necessities at commercial outlets that are available to everyone, but you may not utilize any outside support of any sort.  For the Venture, there won't be many chances to resupply anyway - once we leave Durango, there's really only one spot on route to purchase anything...

We expect that with the ~220-mile figure, someone will decide they can do this in under 24 hours, or at least in one go without sleep.  Not saying that's impossible - you're welcome to try - but this ain't no lap race around a groomed course.  You will be walking a fair bit.  So bring sleep gear!

Here are some photos from the route, plus an overview map and elevation profile, to get you stoked.  Enjoy!


2015 was the inaugural year for the Venture.  Unfortunately, it didn't go off as planned (for lots of reasons not worth discussing).  Aaron Weinsheimer did finish the route, but as a tour, and a couple weeks before race time.  However, he is the first person to complete the course - so the record stands at 3 days, 12-ish hours!  :)