Looking to ride some of Durango's sweet trails but don't have a bike? Want to try out bikepacking before you buy all the gear? Or looking to do the San Juan Hut Systems DGO-to-Moab route? No problem. We've got you covered with our high-quality fleet of rental bikes and bikepacking gear!

Our trailhead location and rental fleet make Velorution Cycles a premier rental source in the Four Corners area. Whether you want to ride Durango's trails for a few hours or a few days, we've got you covered.

Demo Program: We keep a new and relevant demo fleet to allow you to narrow down what bike you want on an actual trail. After all, you won't be riding your bike exclusively in parking lots. Though we can't have every model and size covered we strive to have what you need to figure out the size and style that will work best for you! At the end of the model year (October-ish) most of that years demo bikes will be put up for sale to keep the new year's demos current. This is a great time to find a great deal on a great bike. All demos and rentals are regularly gone through with a fine tooth comb to keep them running in a like-new condition.

San Juan Hut Systems Riders:  We work closely with San Juan Hut Systems to provide rental bikes for their Durango > Moab hut route.  Need a bike, bike and gear combo, or just the bikepacking gear?  We can help you with that.  For the full nine-day trip (7 days riding, 2 days travel), we only charge 8 days at the multi-day rate for bikes or gear. 

For the bikes, that works out to $560; and for the gear, it's an additional $240-320.

We have a LIMITED NUMBER of bikepacking-use rental bikes and bikepacking gear, so if you want to ensure a rental for a given SJHS trip, book early!  Contact SJHS or us for more information.

Vacasa Vacation Rentals: If you are looking for a place to stay for you and your group, check out Vacasa Vacation Rentals of Durango.  https://www.vacasa.com/usa/Colorado/Durango/Management/


Bikepacking Kit (includes Seat, Handlebar and Accessory Bag):
$40 a day
$35 a day for 3+ days (over 72 hours)

Bikepacking Gear, Individual Bags:
$15 a day
$10 a day for 3+ days (over 72 hours)

Premium Bicycle Rental (carbon, nice full-sus, etc):
$50 for a half day (four hours or less)
$80 for a full day (four hours - 24 hours)
$70/day for 3+ days (over 72 hours)

Basic Bicycle Rental/ Demo (basic hardtails, touring bikes):
$40 for a half day (four hours or less)
$70 for a full day (four hours - 24 hours)
$60/day for 3+ days (over 72 hours)


*Limited fleet available for bikepacking use
*Each rental is complete with expert setup and advice, a helmet, and pedals (flat or SPD - if you prefer another type, please bring your own).

*Up to one weeks worth of demo payments can be applied to the final purchase price of your new bike!


Please call the shop at 970.259.1975, or follow the link above, or simply stop by to reserve a bike.  We require a 50% deposit; at time of rental we'll also need a credit card on file and photo ID. Cancellations not made 48 hours in advance will incur a 50% charge.  For Hut System trip rentals, there is a 50% deposit required, with a one-day non-refundable charge; cancellations not made 7 days in advance will incur a 2-day charge.