Every year in Colorado Springs, local pixie enthusiasts come out to race down High Drive, a steep, gravelly fire road in the Pikes Peak foothills.  Q:  What is a pixie?  A:  Any bicycle with wheels 16" in diameter - that is, very small children's bikes.  Beginning at the top of High Drive, near the famously loose Captain Jack's MTB trail, anywhere from five to twenty-five loony riders line up to race about three miles down a steep, switchback-laden, loose road that is a challenge to ride at speed on a mountain bike.  Transitioning onto pavement near the bottom, the preferred method of maintaining speed is an aero tuck to the finish line.  Named after the Marin County Repack race of MTB lore, the coaster-brake equipped pixies often overheat their brakes, spraying liquefied grease all over bike and rider.  After this event, the hub needs to be repacked with grease.  Joey, never a pixie fan (too tall), joined the fun by filming from his mountain bike at a few years' events.  This one is from 2007.