World's first fat-tired tricycle?  The Fattrike lives!

So we'd had this Sun Cycle cargo tricycle, Atlas model, sitting around for years.  It was heavy, ugly, and no fun to ride.  I wanted to make it into a fat-tired trike just for kicks, and had been thinking about it since late 2011.  As it turned out, I didn't get around to it until two years later - between shop craziness, nay-saying employees, and plain old procrastination, December 2013 was the first time I had to really buckle down on the project.  A week later, I had a the world's first fat trike - or, barring that, the world's first fat trike with no-tools selectable 2-wheel-drive.  And yes, while it is still heavy and ugly, the Fattrike is a blast to ride.  Here's a little photojournal of the process.  Click to enlarge, arrows to scroll, hover for description.