POSTED BY JOEY - We're excited to share our newly-launched Bedrock Bags website:  We've been working on this baby for almost two months, and today was the day to make it live!  A few things are changing with the launch of the new site:

-We've decided to sell all Bedrock Bags products via the new site.  As such, you'll find that all Bedrock products in the Velorution webstore are now listed as out of stock, with a link redirecting you to the new product page on the new site.  Eventually, we will delete the Bedrock product page on Velorution's website.

-As Revelate Designs' first Colorado dealer, we will continue to sell Revelate gear through, along with select Salsa products.

-Of course, you'll always find Bedrock Bags gear here in house, right where it's made!

If you get a few minutes, take some time to explore the new  It's pretty sweet, if we do say so ourselves...