The Fargo goes Plus!  Now compatible with 27.5+ and 29+ monster tires.

POSTED BY JOEY - We're back from SaddleDrive and we've got the goods on all of Salsa's 2017 models.  Unfortunately, we don't have photos - we were so busy riding bikes that we neglected our cameras.  So we unabashedly stole some of Salsa's pro photos from their website.  What's new, what's the same, and what's just awesome?

The 2017 Mukluk goes bigger, and lighter as well - a wider frame allows for 5" tires, and the new carbon frame keeps things light and stiff.

-Some models remain the same for 2017.  The Redpoint - Salsa's 650b, 150mm-travel trail bike - was just released a few short months ago, and it remains the same.  The top-end Spearfish XO1 remains the same with a killer kit and price.

Wild and woolly, the Woodsmoke is a unique beast that can utilize many wheel sizes, and boasts the shortest chainstay length we've seen since 26" bikes.

-Some models are new for 2017, and some familiar models get some upgrades, price drops, or both.  The big news here is two new models: the Woodsmoke and the Timberjack.  The Woodsmoke is a carbon hardtail that's compatible with 27.5+, 29", and 29+ wheel sizes, all in one frame!  The wild elevated chainstay isn't just to join Trek in bringing back the '90s, it's to allow 3" tires, chainring and mud clearance, all with a 400mm (nuts!) chainstay.  We've long preached the gospel of short stays for trail handling, and this is the shortest stay we've ever seen on a bike that can accept big rubber.  In fact, this is shorter than virtually any 29" on the market, by a long shot!  In contrast to the high-end Woodsmoke, the Timberjack is a really nice, 27.5+/29" compatible hardtail that utilizes an aluminum frame and smart parts spec to bring a really nice bike in at only $1000!  I rode this one personally and was really quite surprised at how well it rode.  I even rode it down a DH jump line (don't tell Salsa).  :)  We will definitely be bringing some of these models in for 2017.

The Timberjack - now you can find yourself riding a Salsa MTB for $1000.  The model shown comes with 27.5+ tires and will only set you back $1400!

-Finally, other models get nicer spec for a lower price.  Example number one: the Vaya GX comes with a carbon fork this year, yet is $200 cheaper, at $1800.  Sweet!  Speaking of Vaya, the line is joined this year by the Vaya Claris, which utilizes the familiar Vaya frame with a 2x8 drivetrain and disc brakes to bring the price down to $1100.  Salsa realizes that not everyone can spend two or four grand on a bike, and they are bringing out some budget friendly models for those folks that don't need the best of the best.  We're stoked on that!

Vaya Claris brings gravel/touring/road disc action your way for only $1100.  Dang.

Availability on all new models ranges across the next several months.  Call us or just come on by if you want more specific info on anything... and if you just want to peruse the new line, you can do it on Salsa's site: