Lookin' good in here...

POSTED BY JOEY - It's been a long time coming.  After almost three months of construction, permits, cleaning, and planning, we are finally open in the new space.  And man, was it worth it.  Our new shop is airy, clean, light, and showcases our bikes and gear really well.  We have room to triple Bedrock's production space, room to expand our service area, and more!  It's tough to think that three months ago, we began with this:

A big, empty, dirty box.

That's what elbow grease is for.  We're not wealthy, so we did most of the work ourselves.  A huge thank you goes out to the people who helped us build this place out: Carson, Sandhya, John, and especially Omar!  You guys are the best.

High ceilings make for sweet shots.

The Bedrock Bags production facility may look small in comparison to the above, but you should have seen the room he was cranking bags out in previous to our move.  There will be a lot of quality gear dreamt up and made in this room...

You can't even properly call something this nice a sweatshop.  Dang.

Come check things out soon, everyone, and we will be letting you all know when the "grand opening" (we're already open!) party is!