Farewell, Devinci.  It was a good run there for a couple years, eh?

Farewell, Devinci.  It was a good run there for a couple years, eh?

POSTED BY JOEY - Letting go of a brand you've worked with for years is sometimes difficult, even if you know it needs to happen.  In the case of Devinci, the Quebec-based bike company we've worked with since 2012, it was more of an it's-time, shrugged-shoulders affair.  We did really well with Devinci for a couple years, and the Colorado-based rep we worked with was awesome and took care of us.  Unfortunately, starting last year, several things started to sour in Devinci-land.  The short-chainstay, Split Pivot-suspension that Devinci utilized was licensed by designer Dave Weagle to other brands, including our main brand, Salsa Cycles, making Devinci much less unique.  We experienced a range of quality issues - technical, design, pricing, and customer service - that I needn't go into here, and as a result we scaled back the number of bikes we carried.  Finally, as the proverbial last straw, Devinci discontinued the Atlas, one of their most popular models in the American West, and moved the line's intention in the opposite direction of VC's.  It was too much; I had to drop the line.

What's this mean for future customers?  Not a thing - we're strongly partnered with Salsa Cycles, a brand that's making awesome bikes and is wonderful to work with.  Best of all, they're designing all their full-suspension bikes around Weagle's awesome Split Pivot platform, and carrying the promise of that design forward with new bikes like last year's Bucksaw and this year's PonyRustler.

What's this mean for our customers who already own Devincis?  We're more than capable of continuing to service the bikes, so it's business as usual.  If you do happen to have a warranty issue in the future, I will attempt to resolve it through Devinci - or if they pick up another shop in the area (they are looking), we can utilize that avenue for any Devinci-specific parts.  But I don't think we'll have any problem getting potential issues fixed right away, regardless.

This does mean that our last Devinci, a 2015 Troy XP Carbon, is on mega-sale at $3000 (was $3800).  If the medium works for you, it's your time to score!

I'm letting you, our customers, in on this bit of bike shop business because we've built the Devinci name in this town from nothing to what bit of recognition it has now, and I want our Devinci-owning customers to understand why I'm taking them off the floor.  When I bring products into VC, I do so with a purpose, and I choose quality first and foremost.  But nothing is unchanging, and sometimes I have to pull products off our floor with a purpose.  Even as we continue to hone in what we do to our core strengths, quality will remain paramount.  Thanks for being a part of the Velorution!