Would you look at that!?!

POSTED BY JOEY - Witness our early adoption of this little app called Instagram.  Yes, within a scant few years of its introduction, we've created an account where we'll share photos and captions - since that's mostly what we like doing anyway on this here bloggy blog.

If you're hip to the Instagram scene, perhaps you'd like to "like" us.  Oh wait, that's the Bookface.  "Follow" us?  Is that the proper lingo?  Whatever the correct action, you can take it here:  www.instagram.com/velorutioncycles

Also, we encourage you to use our erstwhile, and completely illogical, hashtag (for VC-type things, please, because using our tag for photos of Darth Vader or kittens would be weird, although I love kittens): #velorutioncycles