POSTED BY JOEY - The poster's pretty self-explanatory.  Come on out and ride some Salsa rigs in the dirt!  Starring characters:

-The 2016 Pony Rustler: This bike is a shape-shifter.  Run it with the stock 27.5+ (3" wide) tires; or simply swap out the wheelset and run it as a 29er!  This is my personal favorite 2016 bike.

-The 2016 Beargrease: One of the lightest, full-carbon fatbikes on the market.

-The 2016 Spearfish: Our most popular mountain bike for 2015, the Spearfish is a lightweight, carbon, dual-suspension trail machine.

-The 2016 Bucksaw: Ever wonder what a full-suspension fatbike would feel like? Wonder no more. The original and best will be in attendance.

These bikes will be the most sought-after, but we'll have other models as well.  See you there!