POSTED BY JOEY - In between repairs, helping folks on the floor, building bikes, doing taxes, cleaning, and all the other stuff that comes with being a one-man bike shop show, I've been cooking up a new event.  Although it's been on the calendar for a little while, the Velorution Venture is now officially on and open for registration.  The Venture is a free, self-supported bikepacking race, part of the Colorado Endurance Series, and will begin September 5.  Thanks to our friend Hunter Knox, we have a GPX file for the route; thanks to Matt at the CES we have a waiver to keep us from getting sued when someone gets eaten by a bear or falls off a cliff.

Seriously, though, the Venture should be awesome.  I put together a route that takes in a bunch of trail and dirt road that isn't often ridden, looping from Durango around the Lizard Head Wilderness and back.  It's about 220 miles, with 37,000 feet of climbing; the climbing and surfaces out there make it like a mini-CTR.  I expect we'll only have a few people for the inaugural event.  I'm hoping I'll have time/fitness to do it myself!

But enough from me.  All the information you could want is on the Venture page.  Start prepping!