POSTED BY JOEY - I'm back at it.  As of today, my two weeks of off-and-on hours due to work and family commitments are over and our hours are normal again.  Just so you all know I wasn't sitting in here slaving away the whole time, here are a few photos from a hike I took my siblings on yesterday:

As for events in the rearview mirror, our 4th Annual Bikepacking Night went off without a hitch; Kurt and Kaitlyn from Salsa regaled us with tales from the Alps and we talked about route planning.  And then, of course, the CTR started at our front door at 4am on Sunday morning.  Awesome times - in lieu of racing for a third time, I rode up to the trailhead with everyone, then took my family up to Kennebec Pass to watch much of the field come through.  The race is now well underway and Jesse Jakomait is killing it, as usual - only he's 40 miles ahead of everyone else.  If you're curious you can check out the TrackLeaders page.

Time to get busy!  See you soon.