POSTED BY JOEY - I literally just drove in from Salt Lake an hour or two ago, and I'm trying to get things in order before opening again tomorrow.  But I've got time for a few things:  First, don't forget about or miss our 4th annual bikepacking night, Adventure By Bike, tomorrow night at 6:30!  Kurt and Kaitlyn from Salsa Cycles are going to be here and we are going to have a good time.  And, it turns out, we'll even have some beer, courtesy of Carver's!  Snacks, drinks, swag, and bikepacking superstars - what more could you ask for?  Nuthin'.  So don't miss out.

As you probably know already, I was in SLC doing some business.  Luckily for me, "doing some business" often involves riding not-yet-available bikes to see what I want to bring in for the next year.  This year I rode some super-awesome rigs... but other than the few photos below, info on those bikes will have to wait, because I've honestly got way too much to get done before tomorrow's event.

Finally, we've updated the Inspired To Ride film event; we're now having a pre-party at Carver's, on the back patio at 5:30pm.  Then we'll bike parade down to the Gaslight at 6:30 in time for the film!

More on everything after the next week or so is over.  Until then, we'll see you here in the shop!