2013 CTR action.

POSTED BY JOEY - Hey, folks.  Since we're mostly a one-man show around here these days, we're going to have to close for a few days in the near future (and, we'll be open one extra day for the CTR). 

-Specifically, because I'll be traveling to the 2016 Salsa Cycles release in Salt Lake City, we'll be closed July 20-22.  I'll be back on July 23 for our 4th Annual Bikepacking Night, of course! 

-We'll be OPEN on Saturday, July 25, 12-5pm, for last-minute CTR needs, as the CTR starts here at VC, Sunday morning at 4am. 

-Finally, because my lovely siblings are coming to visit me from far away, we'll be closed July 27-28.  Back to normal hours on the 29th!

Thanks very much for understanding, and as always, your continued patronage!