POSTED BY JOEY - The 2015 Tour Divide began this morning in Banff, Alberta.  Over 140 racers are now headed for Antelope Wells, New Mexico, more than 2800 miles away.  The TD, while not (in my opinion) the most fun bikepacking race in the world (lots of road!), is certainly the largest and one of the oldest.  Watching a race unfold over 2-3 weeks' time is a pretty interesting thing.  You can follow this self-supported race on the TrackLeaders page, or by coming into the shop and watching our live tracker feed on the flatscreen!  Below, Salsa rider JayP is ready to roll, and on a shiny new Salsa model to boot (more on this below!).

JayP on the new Salsa Cutthroat.

As it happens, Salsa chose TD start day to release their new TD race bike - the Cutthroat.  This bike is a beauty, but the real benefits are in the details - lots of cargo options, super-compliant and lightweight frame construction, and geometry tweaks that make this a different beast from the Fargo.  More details here.  Due late 2015 - if you decide you need one, let us know and we'll get you on the list!

Salsa's new Cutthroat is a pretty bike, to say in the least.  I dig the "vintage Gulf racing" paint choice.