Our bikepacking / touring wall as of several weeks back.  Generally lots more in backstock - just not right now.  Photo cred: Logan from Pedaling Nowhere!

POSTED BY JOEY - Well dang.  2015 will go down in VC's history book as the year that bikepacking hit the mainstream.  What this means - besides the fact that everyone wants to go camp off their bike right now - is that bikepacking bag manufacturers like Bedrock Bags, Revelate Designs, and Porcelain Rocket are all overwhelmed and super backed up.  Orders for bikepacking bags that, three years ago, would take a week to arrive from Alaska, are now taking four weeks or more - and Revelate has a full-on production facility!  Andrew at Bedrock is sewing his face off and still has a backlog of 6-8 weeks.  Scott at PR is out 12 weeks.  Johnny-come-lately bagmakers are popping up everywhere, with mixed results as far as product quality.  As of yesterday, we officially sold out of all Bedrock product - a first in our relationship with Bedrock since the day it was founded.  As I said, well dang!

What this all means for you, dear bikepacking readers, is that gear is going to be difficult to procure from now through the end of the season.  We are doing our absolute best in tracking down gear and cajoling bags out of our friends at Bedrock and Revelate, but they can only produce so much.  So things may be a bit slim for a while.  A note: if the webstore says we have it in stock, we do.  We shuffle stock between the brick-n-mortar wall and web inventory, but in the end we keep as much as possible available online.

Outdoor camping gear has also sold out in a lot of cases.  However, we are still doing great on dynamo system stock!

This summer promises to be a wild ride.  It's not as if I have a choice, but count me in anyway!