POSTED BY SANDHYA - Hope you all are enjoying watching the little blue dots move up the state! Joey seems to be doing well out there. Yesterday for the first day of the race he was sitting in 2nd place for most of the day for the 300 mile route. As of 9 am this morning he's currently in 4th place and starting the grueling push up Mt. Lemon. Good thing he likes climbing!

Joey called in to MTBcast early this morning to give us all a little race report, which you can listen to here: Apparently he was able to churn out 135 miles yesterday, a bump up from his goal of 100 miles a day.

Other Durango racers, Aaron Boatman, Tom Wolf and Michael Ackerman all seem to be doing well, based on the forward motion of their dots. Michael had a little crash yesterday but is now all patched up and ready to go!

Good luck out there everyone! Keep those tires rollin'!