POSTED BY SANDHYA: Our buddy Jon Csakany is a wizard! You may have admired our front counter made out of cogs and custom bike rack outside, both made by Jon in Colorado Springs.

This year SRAM commissioned Jon to make 13 bike stands for Sea Otter. He came up with an awesome collapsible design made from barn wood and welded steel. Turns out SRAM only needed 12 of them, so we got the 13th lucky stand for VC! Long time friend, Ryan Douglas brought the bike stand down to the shop this morning.

We've reorganized the bikes on the floor to fit it in. Come check it out next time you're in the shop - it looks even cooler in person!

Also, in case you're an online customer and have wondered how we ship your bikepacking and touring orders from our little shop, well here you go. Here I am on the way to the post office last week. Spent bike tubes make a good extra bungee cord in a pinch.