POSTED BY JOEY - You know spring is almost here when you can ride your fatbike at 10'000 feet, on top of a few feet of snow, and be too warm wearing a thin long-sleeve.  Bring it on!  The trails aren't dry yet, but the fatbiking up high and gravel grinding down low are in excellent shape.  I've got proof!  Click to enlarge, hover for caption:

While out riding a 65-mile loop on gravel yesterday, I found myself wondering how smoothly Salsa's new Warbird (with some crazy vibration-reduction tech) rides.  Heavy truck traffic had hammered a particular dirt road into extremely bumpy concrete, and my hands were beginning to go numb!  We just got a new Warbird at the shop, in my size nonetheless... click to enlarge, hover for caption:

Finally, in honor of the coming spring, we're having a pretty sweet sale on a few things right now.  If you buy a Salsa fatbike, we'll throw in a Rock Shox Bluto fat suspension fork 50% off (that's $350 off)!  And if you buy a Surly Ogre, we'll throw in a Rock Shox Reba suspension fork for FREE (normally $535)!  In-stock bikes and forks only - we have a few bikes we'd like to move, and you folks benefit!

We don't do sales very often... but when we do, we mean business.