Sandhya flies into the Sedona sky along a rare patch of smooth, wide trail.

POSTED BY JOEY - Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!  As is our tradition, we escaped to the desert for a few days over Thanksgiving weekend.  Sandhya and I headed south with a couple friends to Sedona, Arizona, while Harris went to check out Moab, Fruita, and GJ.  The trails in Sedona, as it turns out, are amazing - true narrow singletrack, with lots of challenging techy bits for fun.  I was stoked, and asking any local I could find how their town's culture allows for such interesting trail even with the incredible amount of usage.  The consensus seemed to be that if one couldn't ride something, one simply rode a different trail, and also that no one individual could just up and change the trail because one didn't like it - two bits of trail etiquette we would do well to adopt here.  In any case, the riding was super fun and interesting, and I'm looking forward to riding there again in the future... here are some photos for you to enjoy.

Old metal meets new.

Erika is grinning ear to ear... must be having a good time!

Erika, Sandhya, and Jordan ride into the weather.

Sandhya shreds the gnar, bro.