Salsa's Blackborow GX1, lookin' sassy.  This 1x11, Bluto-equipped, 4.8"-tire bike is a more trail- and packed-snow-oriented version of the Blackborow platform.

POSTED BY JOEY - Every year, in the late summer and early fall, we purposefully let our bike inventory wane.  The biggest reason (see what I did there?) is so we have room on the floor for our annual influx of fatbikes.  Yes, we know, every shop on the planet is doing fatbikes now.  That doesn't mean that we don't still know fatbikes really well, as we have since we opened four years ago, often with 5-6 different types of fatbike on the floor.  The bikes are shipping a little later this year than in the past, but they are hitting the floor now!  Here are a few... I'll just leave these photos up for you to check out.  More bikes on the way - all Mukluk models, rigid Beargrease, and Advocate Cycles 650b+ Hayduke models!

Want to go fast on trail and snow?  Then the Salsa Beargrease X01 is for you; the carbon frame, 1x11, and 4" tires keep weight down, while the RockShox Bluto makes it trail-worthy.

This version of the Blackborow is meant for backcountry exploration or trail crawling.  A rigid fork, wide-range 2x10, and more aggressive tires make lots of sense in the deep snow.

Salsa's Bucksaw is the first-ever production full-suspension fatbike.  We stock this bike year-round.  It kicks booty on trails of all stripes and is no slouch in the snow.  Just ask Dan - he loves his!