45NRTH doesn't mess around when it comes to winter footwear.  The Wolvhammer delivers.

POSTED BY JOEY - The leaves are turning pretty colors and falling off the trees, the days are getting shorter, and the mornings have been downright nippy.  Winter is definitely on the way!  For us that means it's time to break out the five-inch tires and warm clothing.  If you're thinking the same thing, well, we're ready for you and the weather, because we've been bringing in the winter goods over the last week or two. 

-We've got our winter Endura clothing shipment in; that means various gloves, warmers for everything from your head to your limbs, and the world's best overshoes ("booties" is way too wimpy a word for these awesome overshoes).  We also have pogies (bar mitts), wool beanies, and other goodies.

-As always, we have a wide selection of lights for night riding; whether you're commuting on the bike path or blazing down techy trails at night, we have a light system that will work for you from Exposure, Cygolite, Lezyne, or Planet Bike.

-Salsa fatbikes, a little late this year, are finally beginning to hit the floor; Bucksaw and Beargrease are on the floor, Blackborows are due this week, and Mukluks should only be a couple-few weeks out.

-Most exciting this week, we've got our first shipment of 45NRTH boots.  If you've ever had cold feet while riding, you should check these out - they are awesome.  The Wolvhammer (pictured above) is a clipless- and flat-pedal compatible boot for fatbiking in all but the coldest temperatures (think way under zero).  The Japanther (pictured below) is a clipless-compatible shoe for road/gravel/MTB riding that will keep your feet toasty down to around 25 degrees.  45NRTH tires are on the way this week, including the all-new Flowbeist and Dunderbeist tubeless-ready fatbike tires!

-Finally, as always, we have studded tires in stock, as well as fenders, many fatbike tire options, and other parts and gear for folks who don't quit riding when it gets cold and snowy.  Come on down!

The Japanther is a less-crazy winter shoe to keep those toes toasty.