POSTED BY JOEY & SANDHYA - The 2015 Velorution Valkyrie is in the books and it was awesome.  Finish times turned out way faster than anticipated, simply because the course was way firmer than anticipated.  Although the photos (thanks, Michael A.!) suggest otherwise, the course was almost completely rideable, and very quickly in most places.  We had 22 people register, 19 actually show up, and 15 finish.  We had every type of rider, from multi-year, very experienced fatbikers, to people whose first fatbike ride was the Valkyrie.  Thanks, everyone, for coming out!  Results here.

Wanting to get out of the snow, we decided to head down to Alien Run on Sunday for a little dirt riding. The trail conditions were amazing with only the occasional patch of the white stuff. We rode the middle and short loops, foregoing the Outer Limits which would have surely been muddy.

We ran into a couple of friends also out enjoying the balmy weather and regular-sized MTB tires (they seem so skinny now after riding fatbikes so much!)

FYI: We'll be closed on Saturdays for the foreseeable future. Joey needs to ride his bike too and until we can find the right person to join our team we'll be open Monday - Friday from 10am - 6pm.