Forging ahead, into the future!

POSTED BY JOEY - Happy New Year, Durango.  Yesterday was VC's official third anniversary!  To mark the occasion, and an extra day off, I went for a ride (what else?).  I don't often ride in the Gulch, but as it was snowier than I've seen in years, I went and rode a big loop in the white stuff.  As I rode (and pushed, too), I had plenty of time, space, and quiet in which to reflect on the last few years of my lifelong bicycle career.  I am lucky to be able to live in Durango and make an honest living doing what I've always loved.

I want to personally thank you all for the support over the last few years.  VC has grown and matured because of your patronage.  I especially appreciate those of you who realize that, in this age of instant gratification and online price wars, years of high-level experience, knowledge, and a brick-and-mortar storefront still matter quite a lot.

For our part, we will continue to do what we do best:
-Stock the highest-quality bikes, parts, and accessories along with even the most basic repair items;
-Repair and maintain customer's bikes as if they were our own, utilizing World-Cup level mechanical skills;
-Be an excellent source for adventure-oriented riders (bikepacking, touring, commuting);
-Put on and support super-fun free events for everyone;
-Above all, simply operate each day with honesty and concern for your best interest as a rider, whether that means selling something or not!

Now that we got that mushy stuff out of the way (sniff, sniff), here are some more photos from yesterday's ride.  Best to you and yours in 2015.  See you soon!

When the going gets tough, the tough... sit down and eat a snack.

The storm moves on, leaving our little valley peaceful.