Jordan and I chase Engineer northward.

POSTED BY JOEY - Saturday's Nordic Center fatbike race was a good time.  The trails were packed and fast, the race was short and exceedingly painful, and the post-race ride with good friends from near and far was awesome.  Despite my best efforts at faking it, having not really all-out sprinted since last year's fatbike races showed after half the 10k race.  Started strong with Travis Brown and Nick Gould - both racer guys - and after getting a few incredulous looks from Gould for refusing to drop, I did just that, riding the second lap by myself at a slightly slower pace.  Turns out interval training is necessary to do this sort of thing.  Oh yeah, I remember that...

The start, nuts as always.

Chasing down actual racers and keeping down actual breakfast.

After the race was over and I decided I wasn't going to throw up - it was touch and go for a bit - we gave away some prizes based on names drawn out of a hat instead of places.  Then Sandhya, myself, friends Jordan and Erica, and visiting friend Harris went for a much more mellow fatbike ride.  We did a tour of every trail available at the Nordic Center, and lo, it was good.  Thanks, Harris, for all these photos!

Hanging out in the woods with friends is always worth it.

And now, a bit of Valkyrie info.  Just found out this morning that the San Juan Sledders groomed the West Mancos area over the weekend, which means the entire big Valkyrie route is open and rideable.  However, it's supposed to snow up to 18" over the next couple days, potentially undoing all that work.  I'll be up there this weekend, finalizing a route choice.  Look for more info here on the blog or on the Valkyrie page!