Patrick's new Vaya touring bike, set up as the ultimate commuter with Arkel panniers, USB-rechargeable lights, and fenders.  Wicked!

We've been busy.  Not just with the intense number of repairs that's been coming in, although that's pretty fun - but it's also time for 2015 model year bikes to make their way onto the floor, and we've been building bikes when we're not busy fixing broken ones.  Here at VC, a build isn't something that happens in 20, 30, or even 60 minutes - we take our time on builds, making sure they are ready to rock as soon as you roll.  Each bike takes at least 1.5 hours, and sometimes up to four hours, to make it a finely tuned riding machine.  We take things further apart than they arrive from the factory, making sure they were put together correctly in the first place!  Our reward for this attention to detail?  Most of our 30-day break-in checkups don't really need very much work, because we've taken care of it ahead of time!

In any case, 2015 bikes are rolling in, and we're getting them built as fast as we can.  The theme of the month so far is FATBIKE!  Mukluk 2 (with suspension) and Mukluk 3 are on the floor, with Beargrease arriving shortly, and Bucksaw and Blackborow a little ways out.  We also built new Spearfish and Horsethief models.  Everything looks awesome!

The Mukluk 2, complete with a RockShox Bluto fork, looks like an all-around trail machine.  The first one of these lasted less than 24 hours on the floor...

The Salsa demo day on Friday went over extremely well - a lot of you came out to ride some rad bikes on trail!  Of course the most popular ride was the Bucksaw, but lines never got too bad, and no one came back unhappy.  Story of the day:  The fellow who, on his way to the demo, informed his friend he would never get a fatbike.  One hour later, he was absolutely sold on a Bucksaw.  That's the power of a bike that rides like nothing else ever created... it's a different beast than any existing bicycle.  Still due in November!

Mukluk 3 in Ruby Red.  For 1900 bucks, this thing is a pretty screamin' deal - 82mm rims, Nate tires, tapered fork, nice drivetrain, and hydraulic brakes.

Same bike as above, but in white... otherwise known as snow camo!