Sometimes you just gotta bug out.

What's a bikepacker to do after a long summer of big work days and no bikepacking, with Labor Day on the horizon?  If the weather holds and the creeks don't rise, go bikepacking, of course!  So it's settled: We'll be closed this Saturday, Sunday as always, and Monday (Labor Day) for some much needed R&R in the backcountry.  Back on Tuesday the 2nd with lots of photos and good stories, one would hope.

Speaking of the weather, we're going to call tonight's Tuesday night ride right here and now.  We're due for some big storms today, mostly after 5pm, and it's already ominous looking at seven in the morning.  Also, I have way too many repairs to get out of the shop by the time we close tonight.  Breakfast, then straight to work - signing off!