Yes, we just posted this image a couple weeks back.  But it's coming right up and we want you to be there!  So don't miss Thursday night's Adventure By Bike workshop with VC, Bedrock, and Salsa Cycles.  It's going to be a great time, with awesome stories, Q&A, snacks and swag.  Also, we will have a keg, so there's that going for us.  Mucho gracias to our buddy Jordan, who hooked us up with the keg.

Also, the Second Annual Bicycle Fashion Show is happening Tuesday night at Carver's at 5:30pm.  This was fun last year and should be again.  Please note that this means our Tuesday night ride isn't happening this week, and we will be closed 30 or 45 minutes early Tuesday.

Finally, the much-awaited Durango Dirty Century is coming up on Saturday.  Registration is probably pretty much full, but if you can find the registration page, you may be able to squeak in under our limit of 70 people.