Another DDC is in the books.  It was a gorgeous day outside, as evidenced by this bad cell phone photo I took up in the Section Point area.  Not a cloud in the sky all day long.  With weather like that and a bike that was flawless, it was too bad I had a replay of 2012 and bailed after 60 miles.  The world's best conditions can't make up for no legs, no lungs, and no stomach.  Some year I'll figure out how to keep you all happy at the shop and also how to keep me happy on the bike!  Ryan, Danny, and Kylie did awesome out there, along with everyone else who finished.  Good job!  By the way, people who brought water: Thanks so much for bringing lots of water.  Please, though, come pick up your 5-gallon jerry cans, because there are a ton of them here and we just don't have space.  I'll keep them for another few days or so, but I'll end up donating them to the thrift store if you don't care enough about them to pick 'em up ASAP.

Also in the books: Adventure By Bike night with Bedrock Bags and Salsa Cycles.  This was awesome.  About 50 people packed into the shop and we talked about bikepacking and touring for a good while.  We hope to see some of you soon to get you geared up for your next big adventure!

Finally, the 2nd Annual Bicycle Fashion Show was a rousing success.  Thanks to our friends at Carver Brewing Company and the City, and especially to everyone who "modeled"!