We made it out of crowded Cali alive and I'm back to work.  I love visiting the coast - the ocean is pretty sweet.  No way to celebrate a coastal ride like a no- handed track stand, right?  Hello, Pacific!

In Santa Barbara the trails have actual rocks, unlike most of our overly-groomed trails here.  I can say that while the riding in Durango is fun, my technical skills have gone downhill since the last time I rode the Cold Springs trail, pictured above... sure wish we could keep a few of Durango's trails super-techy, just for skills maintenance and progression!

The road riding in SB, while steep, is pretty awesome as well.  Full-body workout, climbing this on a SS!  Thankfully there's more oxygen than I'm used to down there.

On the way back this direction from SoCal, we stopped for a few days just north of Salt Lake City for Salsa's 2015 bike line release.  We've been super-pleased with all of Salsa's bikes this year, and 2015 is looking even better!  Above, the beyond-category Bucksaw - which rides incredibly light.  There is no such thing as a trail too rough for this guy - feels like you can ride anywhere!  And no, it doesn't climb like a pig.  I know you'd think it would, but all I can say about this bike's overall ride is nothing short of amazing.  They done good!

The Spearfish, Salsa's short-travel XC full-sus bike, gets the carbon- frame treatment this year.  Drops half a pound, gains lateral stiffness.  Rode pretty awesome, although a little quick for my personal taste!  If you want to go fast, however, this is the bike for you.  Last time I went riding with Kurt Refsnider, this is what he was riding.  Currently he's bikepacking through the Alps (yes, I'm jealous).

The Horsethief is Spearfish's big brother and also gets the carbon option this year.  I really liked this bike.  Split Pivot has been my favorite suspension design ever since it first showed up on Devinci's bikes a few years back, and I am happy to see Salsa also licensing the design from engineer Dave Weagle.  In fact, this is a large reason we brought Salsa on board!  The Horsethief has 120mm of travel and is ready to conquer any backcountry trail you want to throw at it with aplomb.  The single-bike quiver for a lot of people!

This is another of my favorite bikes to be introduced this year.  The Blackborow is Salsa's new 5", 190mm rear end fatbike.  This thing will rock the largest tires available with no complaints.  Want to ride Alaskan beaches?  Test Tracks in a foot of snow?  The snowshoe trails at the Nordic Center?  No problem.  The best thing I can say about this bike is that I have a Pugsley, I was considering an Ice Cream Truck, and I've owned a Fatback - I rode this and it WILL be my new fatbike.  Nothing else compares for my purposes.

We also rode the new Mukluk with the RockShox Bluto suspension fork (stock!), which was basically like riding half the Bucksaw.  Finally, we rode the Colossal, Salsa's disc-equipped road bike, and it was exactly what a mountain biker wants out of a road bike - comfortable, stable, durable, and outfitted with parts we understand and love!

One last thing:  We will be putting in our pre-order for 2015 Salsa bikes in the next few days.  Some of these bikes will sell out pretty quickly, so if you know you want something or another, please let us know - we'll get you one on the first run!