POSTED BY JOEY - We've got something exciting to share!  After months of work, we've added a whole new, ultralight outdoor and camping gear component to our shop, complimenting our bike adventure focus.  We've also launched an online store, specializing in bikepacking, touring, and ultralight camping gear.  We're offering the national bicycle adventure community something new - that is, one place to find all the gear needed for lightweight bike adventure, without endless searching, research, and digging for sources.  Whether you're a newcomer to bikepacking and touring, or have been doing it for years, you can find useful and practical gear on our new webstore.  We've been bikepacking (and specializing in adventure gear) for years and have selected rackless bags, ultralight camping gear, racks and panniers, and dynamo lighting and power systems based on actual experience.  You can rest assured that if we stock it, it will work in the real world - and that's something REI and other giant, corporate online stores can't touch.

We're known for being strong supporters of local, brick-and-mortar businesses.  We still are - our local shop on Durango's Main Avenue is the main focus of our business, and we prefer strong, decentralized local economies.  After years of getting calls about gear from around the nation and even the globe, though, we realized that the bike travel community is underserved.  Most bike shops (there are definitely awesome exceptions!) don't understand or even care about bikepacking and touring.  What's someone in those areas to do if they want this gear?  They're piecing kits together from many sources, often without the benefit of experience.  That's where we come in.  We're not selling tires; we're not selling derailleurs.  We're specializing in things that most local bike shops don't even know about, and this is important, because we don't want to degrade other small businesses.

The other impetus for us to launch this webstore is that we've noticed over the last several months that bikepacking appears to be going "mainstream".  Lots of bike travel articles are showing up in big magazines, and so on.  We're hearing rumblings of big, corporate interest in the market, and as a small shop that's been helping people with bike adventure for years, that makes us, shall we say, less than enthused.  We figure that either we can stand up and fight for our place as originators and actual users, or let the wave of anonymous big-money mediocrity wash us away.  Of course we choose to stand up!

So that's the story.  Check out the store, if you'd like, via the "Shop Online" link above right!  We're starting with a select but comprehensive selection of products that, as mentioned, are chosen based on actual suitability for the task at hand.  We'll be adding products as we grow.  Thanks for the support over the years - we'll continue doing the best we can!

The brick-and-mortar as of this morning.  Click to enlarge!