Fresh tracks in silent woods.

POSTED BY JOEY - I was stoked to awake Christmas morning to snow falling from leaden skies.  The forecasters changed their tune almost in real-time, and when I checked the forecast it had gone from "maybe an inch" to almost 8 inches over 24 hours.  I'd been planning on riding in La Plata Canyon - now there was no need!  Blackborow and I took off just before 11am and didn't return home until 4pm - and we didn't see a single fatbike track (for most of our ride, any tracks) out there.  Now that's fresh tracks.  Hope your Christmas was great as well!

With Sandhya in Hawaii visiting her folks for the holidays, I'm left to my own devices... and that means riding a lot.  Let it snow!

Fifteen hundred feet over Durango, the snow was close to a foot deep.