And the road goes on forever... or at least it feels like it.

POSTED BY JOEY - Most of you know we're heavily involved in underground endurance racing.  We host the 115/160-mile Durango Gravel Grinder in the spring, the 100-mile Durango Dirty Century in the summer, and the start of the 550-mile Colorado Trail Race in odd years.  Late in 2015 we'll be premiering a multi-day, 220-mile bikepacking race dubbed the Velorution Venture.

Well, we thought it was high time we added a fatbike race to that list - we wanted to do it last year, but didn't make it happen.  This year, we're going for it.  The Velorution Valkyrie will be, like all the other endurance events we're associated with, free, self-supported, and super fun.  Not for the faint of heart, the Valkyrie will be a backcountry fatbike race that you'll need to be prepared for.  Details coming soon, as we're currently working on the route.  For now, expect 30-40 miles of mostly snowmobile-groomed, semi-packed trails with 4-5k of climbing.  Don't let the small mileage figure dupe you - this will be difficult unless the conditions are just perfect!  Tentative date is Saturday, January 24, 2015.

As with all races of this ilk, this is a non-commercial event with a limit of 74 people (not that we'll be anywhere even close to that).  No entry fee, no support stations, no insurance, no suing of anyone if you hurt yourself.  We'll post a GPX file for the route and a list of suggested gear to bring along, and then you're on your own!  Stay posted...

My Blackborow really is Forest Service green!

Sandhya hates riding on slippery surfaces... but she had fun exploring nonetheless.