The Diablo MK6 - unholy amounts of power in an incredibly small, light, UK-made package.

POSTED BY JOEY - For all you night riders, bikepackers, or hardcore commuters out there - here's something you'll love.  We just added UK's Exposure Lights to our family of high-quality brands.  These CNC-machined aluminum beauties are made in the United Kingdom, and boast incredible light output from tiny, lightweight, self-contained units.  No separate battery needed - the lights in the photos are all you need.  These lights are USB-rechargeable as well, so that you can charge them on tour with a cache battery or via a dynamo system.  We've brought in the 1300-lumen Diablo MK6 and the 750-lumen Joystick MK9 into the shop, and the Revo dynamo light is on the way.  All three lights are available (Revo coming soon) on our webstore as well!

You can come on down to the shop to see these in person, or check them out on our Dynamo, Lighting, & Power Systems page.

The Joystick is smaller than a candy bar, but packs a much bigger punch.