Heading for Breckenridge on the CT (photo by Bob Graham)

While we've been too nuts this summer and fall to get out and tour much, some of our customers have no such constraints - and good for them, because they've been out experiencing beautiful places by bike!  Thankfully they've been thoughtful enough to share photos of their trips with us.  Bob Graham, aboard his El Mariachi Ti, recently rode from SW Colorado to Breckenridge for a wedding, taking a combo of dirt road and the Colorado Trail, bikepacking style.  He ran into a lot of rain and, as you can see, mud, necessitating a route change from Salida to Breck, but he still made it there under his own power.  Awesome.

The aspens are starting their annual show (photo by Bob Graham)

Mud like this tends to make walking necessary.  Unfortunately, when you're a solid 20 miles from the nearest road, that's a lot of walking.  (photo by Bob Graham)

Two more of our excellent customers and friends, Barbara and Charlotte, took Barb's new Salsa Vaya and Charlotte's newly VC-rebuilt vintage Trek out to Missouri and toured the Katy Trail.  Looks like a blast!

We don't have trees like that in our part of the world.  Gotta go back to those eastern hardwoods forests for that sort of thing... (photo by Barbara Balaguer)

Nor do we have rivers like that out west! (photo by Barbara Balaguer)

Looks like a good time!  (photos by Barbara Balaguer)

Thanks, guys, for sending those photos along!  We love to see your adventures - feel free to send photos anytime.  Ride on!