Hey there - Sandhya here!

It's kind of starting to feel like Portland around here. Why you ask? Well, I have four words for you, and they aren't "bikes, beer, coffee and hipsters". They're "rain, fenders, jackets, and bars (the edible kind, not the debaucherous kind)."

1. Rain: Well, obviously we've been hit hard by the rain gods for the past week and a half! With all this rain one customer is now outfit with the proper protection, which brings me to the second word:

2. Fenders: Joey just set up this custom Salsa Vaya which is now complete with Velo Orange polished aluminum fenders, flat bars, a Salsa Wanderlust rack, and Brooks B17 saddle. Sweet ride for this gal's upcoming tour in Idaho! Have fun!

And since things are starting to get chilly around Idaho and Colorado, we just received our shipment of Fall and Winter clothing! Which brings us to our third Portland word:

3. Jackets: We're stocking Endura's softshell jackets for women and a waterproof jacket for men that converts into a breathable vest for weather-variable winter rides. Also now on the clothing wall you'll find: neoprene durable shoe overcovers, leg, knee and arm warmers, merino wool beanies, buffs and socks, winter gloves, long sleeve jerseys, warm pants and 3/4 length trousers for ladies and gents.

And finally the last word for Portland is:

4. Bars: Skout is a small, family-owned organic bar and trail snack company from Portland, that we just picked up. My favorite new bar flavor is the Coconut Chocolate! For the runner-up, it's a tough choice between the Apple Cinnamon, Blueberry Almond and Chocolate Peanut Butter bars. Similar to the hearty consistency of Larabars, they are only made from organic whole foods, generally have no more than 5 ingredients, are gluten, dairy & soy free, and most importantly are SUPER TASTY!

Skout's raw pumpkin seed Trailpaks come Jalapeno Salsa and BBQ Black Pepper flavors. A great salty superfood treat to keep you going out on the trail.

I'm feeling all warm and cozy inside, and the fat tires haven't even touched snow yet! At least we're prepared for all this Portland weather we've been getting. Mmmm...