(Editor's Note: As a pretty new race mechanic in 2007, I was honored to get a call from Bicycling, although to be honest I'm not a big fan of their magazine.  They're a bit too mainstream/corporate/consumer for me.  In any case, it was fun, but some of the copy made me cringe a little... of course bolting a brake assembly back together, filling the system with fluid, and bleeding the air out worked [see paragraph four], as it should.  What they neglected to mention was that I was in the midst of prepping my own racers for the start, and a buddy from another team showed up with an Avid brake issue, which I had no specific tools or DOT fluid for, being prepared only for my team's Shimano setup.  The trick wasn't reassembling the brake and bleeding it out - it was scrambling to diagnose the original cause, pulling together the necessary tools from other team mechanics 15 minutes prior to start, making sure my own riders were completely set, and getting my buddy to the start line with literally seconds to spare.  That's the "race mechanic" difference... Sorry.  Call it mechanic's paranoia.  When this hit the newsstands I could hear mechanics across the US scratching their heads and saying "Well, duh" when they read that paragraph.)