POSTED BY JOEY - One fine weekend in August, I decided to shake off the brain-numbing, insidious slothfulness that comes with an entire summer of working entirely too much, and headed out for a much-needed refresher in the mountains.  Before launching VC at the beginning of 2012, I used to wander around my local wild places all the time, delving deep into the minutiae of place, finding and exploring things that the crowds didn't even know existed - generally because they were often difficult to access, or because a perfectly good trail went up the next basin over, or whatnot.  But after the shop happened, I found myself working silly hours and having precious little time left over to keep myself in the woods, where I've always felt most at home.  So I end up just chilling out at home many weekends, a part-time introvert recovering from the constant contact with fellow humans, resting my brain and feet and vaguely remembering all the wicked adventures I found myself having over the last decade.

Problem is, vaguely remembering adventures past is not the same as creating adventures present, especially when one's "wait, how old will I be?" birthday is fast approaching.  So one weekend I resolved to throw a molotov cocktail at the oppressive regime of inertia, so to speak, and get back to my once-normal routine of going outside and doing something a little outside of the ordinary.

I meant to go bikepacking; that didn't last, as the trails I wanted to explore were decades-unused and incredibly steep - even I got tired of pushing a fully-loaded bike up former paths almost too steep to walk.  So I did a one-day loaded bikepacking trip, then took a little fatbike peak-climbing trip the next day.  Rather than bore you with the play-by-play, I'll just share the photos, which is all I really wanted to do anyway, although I certainly have long-winded way of going about it.  Sorry.  And enjoy!